Morning Glory

bluebeards2For a simple yet meaningful tropical wedding, choose the Morning Glory. This package includes everything you need to get you legally married and have a stress free special day.

  • License fees and processing assistance
    (We highly suggest allowing a local coordinator like us, to handle this important paperwork for you)
  • Non-denominational officiant, who will be happy to take a few pictures with your own camera, and witnesses (if needed)
  • Personalized ceremony (you may also send your own words)
  • Recorded music if you wish or just enjoy the natural sounds of the Caribbean
  • Three certified copies of the legal license mailed to your home
  • Certificate of Marriage/keepsake to take with you
  • Transportation for Bride and Groom, plus two guests (for cruise ship couples)
  • Personal hostess to assist you during your wedding.
  • Coordination/planning the details with you via emails and/or phone calls

Morning Glory package price: $590

Together we will coordinate all details in advance with you to ensure your celebration is just what you anticipate. Unlimited email and phone call correspondence are happily included in all of our wedding packages. We are aware you do not do this everyday and we are here to assist for you to enjoy not only the planning process but, of course, your most special day. Contact us now to get started!

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