Ask Cheryl

cheryl2Cheryl is here to answer all of your questions, ease your concerns, and make sure your tropical island wedding goes off smoothly and without a hitch. You can rely on Cheryl to ensure a fun and stress-free wedding!

Below are a few of the more commonly asked questions. If you have other questions or specific concerns about your wedding plans, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How long before the wedding does my application have to be filed?
The court requires 8 working days prior to issuing the license. We find one to two months before the wedding is about right.

I’ve been divorced. Do I have to prove it?
Yes. The court requires a certified copy of your final divorce decree. This document comes directly from your courthouse in which the divorce took place, however, this not a document you normally get at the time of your divorce. We can email you additional information on this important step.

I don’t drink, but I’d like a toast to our future, what can I do?
We have sparkling cider in champagne-looking bottles that’s cool, refreshing and non-alcoholic. We also offer wine, bottled waters, rum punch, mimosas, canned beer, and other choices, with a minimum. Just let us know your likes.

My groom wants to get married barefoot in his tuxedo, can he?
Certainly! That’s why you come to the islands!

My bride wants to wear a bikini wedding/bathing outfit, how about it?
She’ll have to cover up when you go into the court, but otherwise, see above.

Cheryl-MagensMy sister made me a silk bouquet to carry, do I have to get flowers anyhow?
No way. Everything Weddings Set Go! offers is á la carte; the packages are only suggestions of popular combinations of services. We are here to plan your wedding your way!

We would like to bring 30 to 50 people on our wedding cruise, can you handle a wedding that size? With a lunch afterwards? OR It’s just the two of us, we don’t want a bunch of fuss.
We regularly plan weddings of all sizes. We are confident we can help you plan a stress free wedding of any size.

We want to renew our vows…
We love vow renewals! What a blessing! You may choose a wedding package, less licensing, or do all á la carte. Read testimonials from happy vow renewal couples.

Have other questions? We’re happy to help!
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