Lauren & John

From one event, meeting, wedding planner to the another, I want to thank you Cheryl for your professionalism and how you performed the unthinkable for us in just a short five day notice. My husband and I of just three months now wanted to initially get married on beach, as we live in Massachusetts and love going to the beach together. One of his sons from his previous marriage was coming home for good from the Marines in September so we planned an October 2016 wedding so all of our boys would be home and could witness our marriage. We had a beautiful wedding and celebration near our home and had great memories from the day. Because I’m busy in my day job as meeting planner and my husband is in public safety and was taking an exam we couldn’t take our honeymoon until January, 2017. When I researching things to do in St. Thomas five days before we were scheduled to fly to St. Thomas I came across a video where I saw people getting married or having their wedding vows on the beaches on the island. I immediately began researching wedding planners and found your site. I was impressed with the number of reviews you had by couples as to me that is huge in our industry and immediately contacted you. From the get-go you responded right away and I told you I’d like January 26th since the number 8 has significance to me as we were married on the 8th and 2+6=8 and is in memory of my niece who passed away five years ago. We were also married at 11am and I requested the same time. You right away checked your schedule and told us you or another person you work with could perform our wedding. Everything was easy from the deposit to keeping in touch with us through the process by email and text messages. When we met you Cheryl on the entrance of the parking lot at the beach we knew immediately that we had selected a professional from the way you dressed, spoke, and your mannerism. You had no idea I was a planner either. Then when you spoke at our ceremony you said the words with so much compassion I began to cry, you love what you do and made it so special for my husband and myself. At the end I just had to hug you for giving us a special day to begin our honeymoon and for taking some photos for us at the end. We were lucky other bystanders offered as well as we already had many photos from our first ceremony but wanted some snapshots of our special moments between only husband, wife, and you. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for everything.

Lauren & John
January 26, 2017
Lindquist Beach