Trina & James


Where do we begin. We first picked you because of the way you stated you would take care of the marriage applications. Being from the states we were concerned that something wouldn’t be right and by the time we arrived in ST Thomas it would be too late to fix the issues. Little did we know that personal care you you took for the application went well above and beyond in every aspect of your wedding planning. Everyone should know that the day before our wedding, our plane flight was canceled and after 5 hours of waiting to get another flight we got booked on one the next morning but our arrival time was after our scheduled ceremony time. I called you as soon as it looked like all our plans were ruined and you calmed us and ensured us that you would do whatever it took to still have our wedding on the day we wanted. You somehow got our ceremony time shifted to later in the day. After arriving in ST Thomas we had about two hours to get to our resort, get changed and get to the wedding of which we weren’t sure where to go. I called you and you gave step by step directions to not only get to our resort but also to the ceremony site. On Star couldn’t of done better. The site you picked for us and the ceremony you performed was simply amazing. The tears that were shed at our wedding were not just because of Trina and my love for each other but some was for having such an Awesome wedding coordinator and what we hope is a new friend. Thanks again for what became our little “Amazing Race” episode that you guided us through and help us win the race. We will always be in your gratitude. We will recommend and brag about you to anyone who is thinking of doing their wedding here.

Trina and I were blessed to have such a great wedding coordinator and now a new friend!

Trina and James
May 2013, Sapphire Beach