Andy & Janet

For our 15th Anniversary, we decided to renew our vows in the Caribbean. We usually cruise, so we would schedule our cruise to coincide as closely as we could with our Anniversary.

The question was what company to use? Most companies will do weddings, but not many advertise wedding renewals. That’s when I turned to one of my friends for advice. Pammy Schleif is a TA (travel agent) with vast knowledge and contacts in the Caribbean so I would ask her and see what suggestions she would come up with, and meanwhile we would still do our research as to which company we would use.

First we would have to decide where we would have the ceremony; of course we could have it on board ship, but we got married on board a ship and the price the ship would charge for an in port vow renewal increased exponentially! We finally decided on St Thomas and Pammy mentioned she had a friend that performed weddings AND renewals there.

Pammy put us in touch with her friend, Cheryl Toner ( What an excellent recommendation! We had a lot of time to plan for this; just not a lot of money available; but you couldn’t tell by the result.

When we arrived at the dock in St Thomas there was a van waiting for us and we were whisked away to Bluebeard’s Castle (she has other sites but we chose this one for the re-nuptuals). It was great! Portions of an old castle turned into a resort, beautiful view, and the courtyard was the icing on the cake (so to speak).

The best was yet to come, however; the ceremony was conducted by Cheryl, herself (a registered justice of the peace). The ceremony accurately and beautifully described our lives together up to this point. The blessing for our future reflected the growth, inspiration and love we expect and hope for. The steel pan player just added to our magical moment.

After the ceremony it was time for us to take pictures at some of the most picturesque sites we’ve seen in St. Thomas. After the pictures it was off to lunch in transportation, again, arranged by Cheryl.

Lunch is where she (Cheryl) had outdone herself. Although she had given us a choice of where to eat lunch, she had suggested only the locations that she felt would meet our monetary restraints. We chose Robert’s American Grill at Elyssian Resort. It was unbelievable! Unencumbered by tourists, our post-vow lunch was exquisite. The food was absolutely wonderful, the view was exceptional and the rest and relaxation we were afforded was priceless!

Cheryl and her team did an outstanding job and in another 15 years perhaps we’ll do this again and you can be assured I will contact Cheryl Toner at!

Andy and Janet
Bluebeards Castle, May 2011