Don & Marilyn

Dear Cheryl,

Thank you again for heading such an awesome company in a very capable yet caring manner.

It’s hard to put into words the gratitude we feel for you and your team.

But, we wanted to thank you and your staff for providing the most perfect, beautiful, stress free wedding. It was everything we dreamed of and more. Your very competent handling of all the details let us be free to lose ourselves in the beautiful emotions of the day. It was the most special wedding I’ve ever attended and it was ours! Everything was absolutely perfect from the flowers to the officiant. Belinda gave us a marvelous tour of the island. Rick was raving about how you spent hours with him on the phone trying to line up some extras. We were all very impressed with your services. The photographer was awesome too. We don’t like the photos…we LOVE them! Kelly is amazing. We viewed them on the big TV last night. They were stunning. Hang on to that gal! She was fun and easy to work with. She captured moments I’d already forgotten, but I might have been wrapped up in the moment.

At the time we were caught up in the moment but watching Rick’s video we’re still in awe of the beauty of the background of Sapphire Beach.

The efficiency of Wedding, Set, Go! provided the opportunity to fulfill all of our goals for our special day. We were able to cruise in, marry in paradise, tour St. Thomas as husband and wife with ample of time to snorkel in the beautiful Caribbean waters in the afternoon then cruise out that night.

I wish you all the success in the world and you can bet I’ll be recommending you to everyone I know. Most of our friends are married but that’s just an opportunity to cruise or fly in and renew their vows. We have friends who have been together for years and haven’t tied the knot yet. We will nudge them to go for it.

We have recommended your services to everyone we know; take the next step this way or renew your vows. In a word, Perfection!

We simply cannot thank you enough!

Sending sunshine and shared happiness,
Don and Marilyn
Sapphire Beach, December 2010