Tom & Yuko

Dear Cheryl,

Tom and I would like to say a sincere thanks for all your help to make our wedding day so special.

We are an older couple (Tom 50 and I am 48), we wanted to have a simple wedding, just the two of us, but, we also wanted our wedding day to be very special, romantic, peaceful, and beautiful.

We searched websites looking for a wedding coordinator, and we thought your website was very elegant and beautiful, and it mentioned that you are a former manager of wedding services for the Ritz-Carlton. I used to own a wedding business in Hawaii and my company helped over 250 weddings per year. From my experience, I know what “former Manager of Wedding Services for the Ritz-Carlton” means. Most important, it means that you know first-class service and you have quality, high-class support staff. Today, anybody can advertised as a wedding coordinator online, but how do you know which coordinator has “good taste” and provide professional service? I was happy to find out that I was right when I was in the St. Thomas Court House and saw some couples with a local wedding coordinator (who was not even dressed properly) having a difficult time getting their marriage license. For us, our document was well prepared, hand-delivered to the court house by you and you arranged a beautiful limousine to take us there. It went very smoothly and stress free.

About our wedding location, I am glad that we took your recommendation: Limetree Beach. We were seeking a peaceful and comfortable place. Limetree Beach was absolutely perfect for us: a quiet, private, well-manicured and landscaped garden on a beautiful beach. The place even had a charming patio overlooking the cove. We were a bit worried that a beach wedding may be too hot, but there was plenty of shade created by palm trees and nice gentle breezes to keep things pleasant.

The minister was a very kind gentle man, and we appreciated his efforts in making the ceremony solemn and meaningful. You provided beautiful classical music to create such a memorable atmosphere. The palms swayed, ocean so blue, we exchanged our vows – it was a truly magical moment.

Thank you for arranging the beautiful flower bouquet and boutonniere. To be honest, it was beyond my expectation. I must say you have a very artistic high-end florist. The bouquet was made with all the flowers I specially requested. There were special details which I did not miss, such as the gardenia flowers set with the wax to withstand the hot weather, the stephanotis with the peal pins, and the beautifully finished hand-tie.

We also would like to thank Katie for outstanding photos. All images are top notch professional quality. I made a our wedding album with the pictures. Katie was fantastic communicating how we should pose during the photo session. She made everything so easy, relaxed, and happy for us.

I am so glad I had the Champagne and Cake option. You made such a beautiful set-up, champagne was well chilled and very refreshing. We even enjoyed the left over champagne on our way back in the limousine. The special ordered Black Forest Cake was one of a kind.

Thank you again for providing such an elegant service—the location was outstanding. In a word, it was perfect. We are so glad that we selected your company to coordinate our wedding in St. Thomas.

Sincerely and Best Wishes,
Tom and Yuko
Limetree Beach, June 2010