Jan-Owe & Annelie

Hi Cheryl!

Thank’s to you for an unforgettable day at Magens Bay! For us you made our dream come true with all your help and kindness. Thanks to you we really could enjoy every minute of our short time at St. Thomas.

It´s hard to believe that it was a month ago, but now we´re back in Sweden and Halmstad. It’s cold and we’re already longing to go back and have promised ourselves that we’ll be back to see more of magnificent St. Thomas.

Our memories are even stronger when we, three days ago, got the cd with all of the great pictures.

Hope to see you when we come back. And say hello to Katie and Pastor Nelson.

Best regards,
Jan-Owe & Annelie, Michelle and Felicia (Sweeden)
Magens Bay, January 2009