Lucy & Jay

Jay and I married on the 9th of November 2004 in Magens Bay St Thomas and had a wonderful time!

We cannot sing Cheryl’s praises high enough and that is why I offered to provide a reference if any other couple considered asking her to organize their wedding.

We are both from England and so were obviously concerned organizing both the trip around the US then a cruise to include St Thomas and our wedding. Cheryl was absolutely marvelous and helped us every step of the way. The day was exactly what we hoped it would be, she assisted us with the entire day whilst understanding exactly what  we were looking for. We chose a very quiet wedding with just a couple of friends but we never felt pressurized into taking any add-ons such as flowers etc. Having spoken to other companies who organized weddings within the St. Thomas area, we decided on Cheryl as she was such a friendly, understanding person who we felt we could trust with our big day. We were right, and Cheryl was an absolute angel who guided us gently through the day, put us both completely at ease and made the day an absolute dream.

Our wedding was a day we will never forget and we both look back on with the fondest of memories. We hope that you have a wonderful day too and I do hope that Cheryl succeeds in making your special day as precious as ours was—I have no doubt that she will.

Good Luck!
Lucy and Jay
Magen’s Bay, November 2004